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 UV light sources and exposure systems



   JSE offers a variety of high performance, collimated UV Lightsources and UV Exposure Systems. These systems are used for fine line patterning as well as the enhancement of many UV photolithography processes employed by the Microelectronics Industry.
These UV systems are designed for production use as well as R&D applications. Near, Mid, and Deep UV systems are available with a variety of standard and optional features including beam sizes to 16" (400mm), intensity controlling powersupplies, and up to 5,000W capability.

   The System's Optics...
    The system's UV optics employ a proven, high performance optic train that include an elliptical reflector, dielectric heat removing primary and secondary mirrors, a multi-element optical integrator system and collimating optics. The system's optical integrator system produces uniformity and non-coherent radiation that virtually eliminates the detrimental effects of diffraction. These high intensity systems can resolve fine structures even in thick photosensitive materials.



                                                                                Typical light source





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