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Device for Measuring the Sheet Resistivity with 4-point Measuring Method

The SD-800 is a device for applications in quality assurance and laboratory, for calibration

purposes and other higher demands. The device is accurate and has 7 measuring ranges

(from 0 ... 0,2 mOhm/sq to 0 ... 200 kOhm/sq) and more functions like the automatic

calculation of the correction while measuring narrow strips.



           Model SD-800

              High pression

              Automatic-sensor-contact control

              7 measurement ranges

              Measuring contacts with rhodinated tips

              Color touch panel display

              Storage of calibration and correction values

              Spring loaded contacts

              "Hold" -and auto -"hold" function

             USB 2.0 interface for PC

             Calibration box available

             Compact design, robust casing













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